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Dormir - にゃんだふる55



GuitarFreaks V & DrumMania V - CAT JAZZ 「にゃんだふる55 LONG」

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girlegg a demandé: Hi i went on ur blog because I absolutely love ur piece called "Purge", the colors and lighting of it just make me feel so aaahh :D and then I saw ur birthday is right after mine, i was born October 17 so i thought it was a cool coincidence! Anyways, just wanted to let u know that I love ur art a lot, have a good day!

Thank you for the wonderful comment~! It really made my day~!!! ♥♥٩(^‿^)۶




Those moments when you click on someone’s tumblr and they redirect you to a virus filled site.

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Cat dancing

Cat dancing

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I don’t know if i’m awake or asleep…
Heres some cute chibi poni
Another oc, her name is melatone. She’s a hybrid ram who has the ability to make people hallucinate.